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Petards eyeTrain catches the moment "reckless" farmer's trailer is hit by train

1 November 2011

Surveillance footage, taken from the on-board Petards eyeTrain system shows the moment a "reckless" farmer's trailer was hit by a train.

As the train driver rounds a bend just before a crossing, he sees the trailer and applies the emergency brakes.

The train then strikes the trailer at 75mph, coming to a stop about 100 yards further down the track.

The eyeTrain footage, filmed from the train cab shows the driver desperately trying to stop.

None of the 20 passengers were injured, but the train was extensively damaged.

The Arriva Wales train cost nearly £82,000 to repair, with further costs of £84,862 from the train being out of service.

Having reviewed the footage in court, Judge Paul Thomas QC said to the farmer: "You put the train, staff and passengers at risk. You took a risk to save a few minutes."

After the case, Sgt Steve Dawkins, of British Transport Police, said despite the trailer being made of plate steel, the speed of the train and the force of impact meant debris was spread over a large area.

"It is astounding that no-one was seriously injured or killed in this incident," said Sgt Dawkins.

He said the incident could easily have resulted in derailment.

"Crossings are designed to keep people safe - and, when used correctly, that is exactly what they do."

The farmer from Kidwelly was given a 36-week suspended jail sentence and must also carry out 200 hours community work.

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