Communication systems

Ruggedised equipment for land, sea and air

Reliable specialised military and commercial communication systems.


Petards Defence Services is a recognised authority in the design, build and post design services support of rugged military specification and commercial communication systems for airborne, maritime and land applications, including:

  • Secure communications projects
  • Cryptographic & TEMPEST solutions
  • Specialist displays.


Bespoke hardware solutions 

Our team of experts also develop hardware solutions for use on military platforms, which meet the relevant standards for Environmental, EMC and where required TEMPEST approval.
Previous projects include:

TEMPEST housing for computer systems

Used on Royal Navy surface vessels and Astute class submarines (Datalink application).


A fit, form and function replacement display for the RAF Sentry E3D fleet. The display had to meet the space envelope available for the original CRT display and interface with the graphic protocols generated by the on-board radar console graphics system. The displays, which were certified to the relevant airworthiness standards, provided a significant improvement in performance and were later fitted to the French Air Force AWACS fleet.

Radio solutions and services 

We install and support military communication systems across the world.
Current contracts and agreements include:

An enabling agreement with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to provide commercial radio solutions for military use in the UK and overseas.

This allows authorised customers within the UK MoD and other UK Government agencies to procure professional mobile radio (PMR) equipment and services from us via their online ordering process.

We offer full site survey and installation services alongside supply, support, repairs and training for PMR systems.

We are technology neutral, as such we can offer equipment and systems from numerous manufacturers to best meet your technical and operational needs.

The supply and support a range of management radio equipment for the Royal Air Force (RAF)

The contract includes the provision of bespoke ancillary equipment designed and built in-house, predominantly for use in air traffic environments in the UK and overseas and the support and maintenance of leaky feeder communications systems in UK MoD underground facilities.

Petards Defence Services also holds a contract to replace legacy equipment used on RAF airfields and regularly carries out repair and post design services support for VHF and HF radio equipment used on MOD military aircraft.

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Communication systems 

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