Advanced visual surveillance

Situational awareness for your platform

eyeCraft, our modular Military Off the Shelf (MOTS) solution.


Security - know what’s happening around you. Safety – look after your crew. Reliability – foresight of technical issues before they affect capability.

We have brought the very best technology from the rail industry to the defence market.

In the maritime environment eyeCraft provides command teams with a clear view out to sea, the upper deck and critical compartments onboard (magazines and machinery compartments). During times of higher tension our flexible system provides additional security around vulnerable areas such as the waterline.

On land the same technology allows high quality visual surveillance around, above and below any vehicle. Monitoring of vehicle attachments such as mine clearance equipment is enhanced. Crews can be recorded to monitor their performance and safety in dangerous environments.

In the air eyeCraft provides visual confidence within the aircraft and additional monitoring of key equipment. Between flights eyeCraft situational awareness around the aircraft increases both the security of the aircraft and the safety of all those involved in routine support activities.

Surveillance camera on a ferry

Advanced visual surveillance 

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