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ProVida ANPR

ProVida ANPR

Camera on RoofAvailable as either a stand alone system or seamlessly integrated with ProVida speed measurement and surveillance system, ProVida ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is our proven, high performance system for capturing and monitoring vehicle registration marks and overview images.

Technologies such as Tetra, GPRS and 3G also allow for live links with information stored on any relevant databases including BOF and BOF2, the UK's back office database.

Component Strength

One of the key strengths of the ProVida ANPR is the ability to capture this data both as a static deployment or quite uniquely when mobile at speeds of up to 100mph with an amazing 95% success rate.

This capability is only possible thanks to the best-of-breed recognition software and market-leading cameras that ProVida utilises.

Recognition at the Front End

ANPR in CarThe heart of the ProVida mobie ANPR system constantly monitors each of ANPR video input to locate any number plates in the cameras range which can include two lanes or forward and rear facing.

Recognition happens extremely quickly - up to 50 times per second depending on camera selection - with the individual frames from each camera being scanned to extract a number plate and report it.


Fast moving traffic is captured as effortlessly as slower traffic so whether the ProVida ANPR system is travelling or static by the side of a motorway the system is constantly vigilant and active.

Lookup Databases that Provide Intelligence

Without databases, the ANPR system is just operating as a data recorder, logging all passing vehicles.
However, when lookup databases are added to the system, it expands into a truly powerful policing tool with a wide range of features.

ProVida mobile ANPR systems are supplied with a 'back office' application to make the management of databases, in a fleet of systems, as simple as possible.

The modular capability of ProVida ANPR permits users to select:

  • A range of computers including approved vehicle systems, rapid deployment and laptops.
  • A mix-and-match of cameras - with dual video input including Infrared (IR) cameras for 24 hour operation. ProVida IR cameras provide both day and night-time image capture of number plates with the ability for other cameras to simultaneously capture colour surveillance pictures.


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Key Points:

  • Up to 50 recognition processes each second
  • In excess of 95% success rate
  • True 24 hour reading capability
  • Full integration with BOF and BOF2
  • Live links and feed via GPS / 3G / Tetra
  • Fully integrates with ProVida Speed Enforcement